Veritas Risk Services

Veritas takes a strategic, analytical approach to benefits. We start by working with clients to develop a long-term benefits strategy that is aligned with their business goals. We then leverage our expertise and experience to optimize the benefits plan so that it strikes the right balance between maximizing value to employees and minimizing costs to the employer.

In the complex, changing world of employee benefits, “winging it” is simply not an option. Veritas has invested heavily in developing and implementing rigorous processes for administering benefits so clients are confident that nothing slips through the cracks.

Our approach may be buttoned down, but that doesn’t stop us from providing innovative, creative solutions. Our work with large companies across the country gives us experience with the latest innovations and best practices in employee benefits, which we customize to meet the needs of employers of all sizes.

The result: health and welfare plans that are designed appropriately based on client objectives, structured in the most cost-effective manner possible, fully in compliance, and delivered effectively.